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Are Subprime Loans Making A Comeback?

Are Subprime Loans Making A Comeback? Bad credit borrowers were shut out of the mortgage market for several years, but subprime loans now surface again: http://ow.ly/vTW1x #SubprimeLoansMakingAComeback?

Are Subprime Loans Making A Comeback

Qualified Mortgage Law

Qualified Mortgage Law Went Into Effect January 10th: http://ow.ly/sdz2h #UnderstandingTheNewAbilityToRepayRule

The time to buy may be right now!

Some things to consider! If you’re in the market to buy a house, the time to buy may be now:  http://ow.ly/rQJDc

Jumbo Mortgage Rates Lower Than Traditional Loans!

Historical news! http://youtu.be/Azxr96aRhqM

Mortgage Rates Rise But Still A Bargain

Good perspective on recent rate hikes! Mortgage Rates Rise but Still a Bargain: http://ow.ly/nF8GM