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Meet the Team-OLD

Getting to Know TEAM WHISLER – Realtors!


It started when Duane became a Realtor® after teaching school for many years.  While Lynne has always been a mainstay in the business, she formally joined Duane and the team was born!  Through the years, they have helped over 2000 families buy and sell real estate, specializing in residential homes.  Yes, they have sold a few businesses and some land, but they specialize in resident housing, whether located in the Denver metro area, near-by communities or the surrounding mountains and plains.  They have sold all types of housing, from condos to estates; helped all types of buyers, from first time buyers to custom “dream home” buyers; they sell new builder homes, all price ranges of resale homes and investment properties. Their years of experience and broad knowledge base (market wisdom) make every transaction go more smoothly – they just keep getting better at helping their clients and friends achieve success.


Duane recently stated “Our Real Estate family continues to grow and we plan to be around to help them for a long, long time – it is an honor and very rewarding to have a part in a major Real Estate event in the lives of good friends.”



Mission Statement –



Utilizing our heritage of serving our community, we strive to create the Real Estate opportunities for our clients, family and friends to live with purpose.  Using our expert knowledge of the Real Estate industry as well as our proven experience in marketing and selling homes, we pour character, integrity  and a total commitment to doing what is right for each of our clients into all that we do!


We are dedicated and caring impact agents committed to giving back to our clients, our friends and family and community more than we receive. Since TEAMWHISLER is in the personal service business, we are here to help! We help our clients by being dedicated to making their needs and desires – as they relate to Real Estate and related finances – come true. Real Estate can meet so many different needs. When purchased as a primary residence, the house becomes a home – a safe place for family and friends to gather – to share and create memories – to build relationships.  For that is what really matters in life – relationships!!!  It is only when your home truly meets your needs that we have accomplished our mission of impacting the lives of our clients so their dreams and goals become a reality.


Action Statement –


We are committed to making the Real Estate processes (buying, selling, investing, et cetera) efficient, timely and effective for our clients all while making the process less stressful, easier to understand, more enjoyable and even fun!

Each client we work with has their own unique needs and desires as they relate to Real Estate. It is our job to fully investigate and understand these needs and desires. We can then incorporate them into our proven system of getting results. Our clients are then able to continue living their dreams ultimately satisfied with what they are accomplishing.


Action Plan –

TEAM WHISLER: Doing It Right!

We will accomplish our Action Statement by…

·   Adhering to a strict Code of Ethics and conduct;

·   Listening and ascertaining the needs and desires of each client;

·   Following through utilizing the most efficient and productive systems and plans to make those needs and desires a reality;

·   Maintaining contact with our clients, both during and after the transaction, through a integrated mail, e-mail, phone and personal contact program;

·   Performing expert analysis of the real estate market and trends;

·   Implementing results driven and experience proven marketing and home search systems;

·   Analyzing and understanding ancillary fields and businesses;

·   Continuing professional education;

·   Maintaining longstanding positive personal relationships with other professionals:

·   Graciously giving back to the community through donations and volunteer efforts.